Maldives Minicoy Mahl Dhivehi
Contact policy

The Official Website of the Maldive Royal Family welcomes contacts from site visitors and values all constructive remarks. We would like to bring to the kind attention of our guests that ours is not an anonymous site. The site editor is well known (click here to see mission statement) and we say what we say openly and up front.

We ask our site visitors who choose to contact us to please reciprocate the same courtesy and tell us who you are.

Note to people of Maldive origin: Empirical evidence over the years shows that visitors from amongst you display a high degree of reluctance to reveal their identity. We do not mind your criticism as long as we know who criticizes us. There is no need to fear us as we do not imprison our critics and subject you to torture and inhuman and degrading punishments. Our royal forebears might have had convicts whipped with the cat-o-nine-tails and had them pilloried around their capital in the punishment known as ganhingun. We no longer do that to you. We abdicated our sovereign control of your country to your people's representatives in 1968 and no longer have the authority to punish you. So visitors of Maldive origin, please do not be afraid. If you wish to contact us tell us who you are please.

A comprehensive response must not be expected by those who query or comment without disclosing legitimate and easily verifiable details necessary to identify them.

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