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Majid's Photo Album: Maldive Historical     

Family jewellers at work at Maandooge the residence of Majid's family circa 1910
A murderer being punished in Male circa 1920. This punishment was called gan-hingun. The harnessed convict (second from left) has a coconut frond tied to his waist and grotesque charcoal designs painted on his body. He is being led through Male streets in procession to an occasional drum beat. At each intersection his crime was read out and he was flogged. Photographed by Majid's grandfather from the Watch house of one of his his residences, Maandooge 1920
A festival day marked by a flag flown at one of the four civic centres in Male called Maizan. Circa 1900. This was the red flag of the realm shown at top right of this page.
The Sultan going forth in state. The cavalry of musketers are followed by the lancers and the band of drummers, pipers and trumpeters. The Sultan and courtiers are at the back of the procession just leaving the Court of Eterekoilu through the Sakkarannya Gate. The watch house of the New Fort Bastion (Aa-kotte Buruzu) in the background. Photographed by Majid's grandfather from the watch house of one of his his residences, Uthuru Ganduvaru. 1920
The Sultan going forth in State. Just outside the Court of Eterekoilu, having emerged through the Sakkarannya Gate on to Meduziyaarai Magu. Photographed by Majid's grandfather from the watch house of one of his his residences, Uthuru Ganduvaru circa 1920
A member of the royal household staff with the rank of kakaa circa 1955.
Avenue from the waterfront to the Court of Eterekolilu. The entrance ahead was the Medumaa Gate. Behind that the Naabuskhan where the royal drummers, trumpeters and pipers were based. Below the Naabuskhan is the Hittan Gate. The three storied building on the left is Veyodorhu Ganduvaru Mathige later Sifainge. On the right is the Watch House on the New Fort Bastion above which the royal standard is flying. circa 1960.
Tomb of King Ali (circa 1960) off Male's Western foreshore. King Ali VI was defeated and slain by the forces of the Christian King Manoel, previously known as King Hassan IX (Majid's grandfather 14 times removed). The immensely unpopular King Ali was defeated on 19 May AD 1558. He was buried where he fell dead.
Royal Jetty Male
Medu Ziyaaraiy in Male variously ascribed as the last resting place of a Moorish Arab or Persian mullah who converted the Maldives to Islam. Very likely occupant of the mausoleum is an Addu person called Kalhaihaaru Dhoraaboo. circa 1970.
Male's Mai Magu (now known as Majeedi Magu). The Macchangoli civic centre is on the right at the second intersection ahead. The intersecting street is Vaidheriyaa Magu now known as Chandani Magu. circa 1960
The Hittan Gate, entrance to the inner part of the Court of Eterekoilu, residence of the Sultans taken from Medumaa Gate and looking across the courtyard known as Gulhakuley Fasgandu. Above the Gate is the Naabuskhana where the drummers, trumpeters and pipers were based. On the right is the base of the New Fort Bastion (Aa-kotte Buruzu). circa 1960
Hakim Didi and his alleged accomplices under arrest in Male, 1953. They were from Huvadu Atoll and were convicted for conspiracy to murder by black magic. Hakim Didi was executed by firing squad. That was the last judicial execution in the Maldives. There have been extra-judicial executions since then. Hakim Didi is second from left.
The short-lived republic of 1953 ended when the head of state Waliyyul Amr for Life (First in Command) Athireegey Mohamed Amin Dorhimeyna Kilegefan was removed from office while he was in Colombo. The Waliyyul Amr returned on a British amphibian aircraft and was arrested and detained in Doonidu Island. From there he staged a comeback early in the morning of 21 August 1953 which was foiled. He was set upon by the Male citizenry and brutally assaulted beyond belief, then tossed naked on to a boat. The photograph shows this event in progress.