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Majid's Addu family 

Flag of the Maldives until 1903

Majid Abdul-Wahhab

    Man in Space
Fatima Sitti
(& Mohamed Maandoogey Manippulu
also known as Abdul Wahhab Manippulu)

Bodufenvalhugey Seedi
also known as Chief Justice Hussain Afifuddine
(& Bodugalugey Aishah Didi)

World War I

Zuleykha Bodufenvalhugey Don Manike
(& Mohamed Kuda Seedi son of Ibrahim el-Hussainy Dorhy Kaleygefan son of Aminah Fan daughter of Mohamed Thakurufan, Kateeb and chief judge of Maradoo in Addu Atoll)




Victoria proclaimed
Empress of India

Chief Justice Ibrahim Majduddine
(& Aminah Kambaadi Kilegefan daughter of Kuda-Edurugey Hassan Faamuladeyri Thakurufan son of Junior Master Moosa son of Ali Manikfan son of First Minister of the Exchequer Ahmed Manikfan son of Mohamed Manikfan)
Jurist Moosa
also known as Master Thakkhan
(& Fatima Fan daughter of Don Aabugey Sikka Ismail Thakurufan)
Treaty of Waitangi 
Don Ali Thakurufan
also known as Edurugey Don Ali Khateeb
(& Aminah Raniya daughter of Aysha Raniya daughter of Zuleykha daughter of Ibrahim Thakurufan son of Don Seediboo son of Khadija daughter of Don Adhella Khateeb son of Don Sittiya daughter of Kalhihaaraa)
Professor Mariyam
(& Khateeb Ismail also known as Master Beyya)
French Revolution
American Independence
Junior Minister Professor Ali
Captain Cook sails to New Zealand
Junior Minister Professor Ismail
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland established


also known as Beefaanu
King Charles I of England


Master Ali Thakurufan


Master Don Thakurufan
also known as
Junior Minister Professor Abd-es-Salaam
Abel Tasman sights
New Zealand


Junior Minister Professor el-haj
Ibrahim Shaheed el-Mukarram
Mogul Empire
Translation Notes
Junior Minister is wazir es-saghir. It is possible that this was the Arabic translation of Atoluverin or Atoll Chief. There were junior ministers called kuda vazeeru in the Sultan's court. Kuda vazeeru and wazir el-saghir are identical in meaning.
Professor is el-ustaz and el-ustazah which was similar in meaning to the Divehi word eduru which translated to master, teacher, tutor, mentor. In recent times it has been used as a title for solicitors and clerics. Professor here is used more in the American rather than the Bristish or New Zealand sense.
Master is Eduru
Jurist is el-faqih a doctor of Islamic jurisprudence.
Junior Master is kuda eduru
First Minister of the Exchequer is bodu bandeyri . Bandeyri was derived from banda-veri meaning keeper of the stores. Banda or bandu was derived from bangudaaru meaning the Exchequer in the Bristish sense. The Bodu Bandeyri was the most important minister in the Sultan's court and was often the Prime Minister. The premiership was less often held by a minister with the title of Handeygirin.
Kateeb or khateeb is left without translation. Kateebs were the chief administrative and ecclesiastical officials in islands outside Male with a population in excess of 40 adult males (this quorum was instituted in the late 16th century). Today the Kateeb is the chief administrative official in islands outside Male. In Male, kateebs were purely ecclesiastical functionaries.
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