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Fuvah Mulaku Notables

0 18'  0" South
73 25' 60" East
Altitude (metres)
Boats beached
Fresh-water Lake
Boats beached in Fuvah Mulaku
Fresh-water Lake in Fuvah Mulaku
Archeological site
Woman planting Taro
Excavation at 4000-year old site near Keydere Miskit
Lush tropical vegetaion and woman planting taro crop

Fvah Mulaku is 4500 metres long and 2000 metres wide. The island has a rich heritage going back to about 2000 BC. and beyond. It is bounded by the Equatorial Channel and the One and a Half Degree Channels. The islanders still boast a rich culture and love learning. The following is a list of notable Fuvah Mulaku islanders in history

  1. Addu Naibu Thakurufan
  2. Algedharu Naibu Kaleyfan
  3. Alla Kaleyge
  4. Bandaara Kaleyge
  5. Beyrefeerhe Don Faathin
  6. Dhadimagigey Ahmed Khateeb Thakurufan
  7. Dhaigandu Don Isa Kateeb Kaleyfan
  8. Dhaigandu Maafaiy Kaleyfan
  9. Dhaigandu Maafaiy Thakurufan
  10. Dhamaliye Don Bulhali Kambulo
  11. Dhandimagigey Hussain Kateeb Thakurufan
  12. Dhoodeyru Mariam Didi
  13. Dhoodeyru Naibu Kaleyfan
  14. Dhoodigamu Eduru Kaleyfan
  15. Dhoodigamu Haji Kaleyge Ahmed Kaleyge Aminah Manike
  16. Dhoodigamu Ismail Didi
  17. Don Hussain Kateeb Kaleyge
  18. Don Abaakiru Kaleyge
  19. Donbiya
  20. Dondhani
  21. Edurugey Aminah Didi
  22. Elhagedharu Don Seedi
  23. Elhagedharu Donbee Kaleyge
  24. Fahamaliye Don Umar
  25. Feerhi Don Thakuru
  26. Funaadu Ganduvaru Ahmed Didi
  27. Funaadu Ganduvaru Ahmed Didi ge Sanfa Didi
  28. Funaadu Ganduvaru Don Didi
  29. Funaadu Ganduvaru Don Didi ge Vaarugey Ahmed Didi
  30. Funaadu Ganduvaru Don Didi ge Vaarugey Moosa Didi
  31. Funaadu Ganduvaru Hawwa Didi ge Edurugey Rugiyya Didi
  32. Haanaaru Don Kaidhaa
  33. Haanaaru Kateeb
  34. Hoadhandu Don Bulhali Kambuleyge
  35. Hunuboliye Ibrahim Didi
  36. Ihalagedharu Don Umar Kaleyge
  37. Kadeyre Maria
  38. Kalhihaaraa Don Maniku
  39. Karayya Aminah Manikfan
  40. Karayya Ganduvaru Ahmed Didi ge Dhiyarehi Aminah Didi
  41. Karayya Ganduvaru Ahmed Didi ge Dhiyarehi Don Didi
  42. Karayya Ganduvaru Kudhu Didi
  43. Karayya Ganduvaru Mohamed Didi ge Edurugey Ali Didi
  44. Karayya Ganduvaru Mohamed Didi ge Edurugey Daleikha Didi
  45. Karayya Ganduvaru Mohamed Didi ge Edurugey Hasan Didi
  46. Karayya Ganduvaru Mohamed Didi ge Edurugey Tuteedi
  47. Koi Ari Don Ahmed kaleyge
  48. Kulhuverey Ali Thakurufan
  49. Maadhandu Kateeb Kaleyge
  50. Maadholhie Elha Thakurufan
  51. Madigey Kaalege (feminine of Kaleyge)
  52. Madigey Kaleyge
  53. Miskiy Magu Edurugey Mariam Manikfan
  54. Miskiydorhugey Aminah
  55. Mohamed Bandaara Thakuru
  56. Randhuvaru Mohamed Didi
  57. Randhuvaru Reki Didi
  58. Satharu Hasan Didi ge Fatima Didi
  59. Sultan Mohamed Ghiyathuddine ge Abdulla Faamuladeyri Kilegefan ge Kuda Raniye Dorhy Didi
  60. Vaarulu Ali Thakurufan
  61. Velaanaagey Ibrahim Nasir Rannabandeyri Kilegefan; Nishan Ghazi ge Izzaiytheri Veriya (Maldives); Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (UK); Prime Minister (Maldives) 1958-68; President of the Republic (Maldives) 1968-78; a descendant of Diyamigily Sultan Mohamed Ghiyathuddine

(Another 173 names to be inserted soon)


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