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Addu Intellectuals in History

Traditionally Addu Atoll had been the centre of learning in the Maldives- a sort of university town. The follwing is a list of the more well-known Addu alumni over the centuries.

Place of death
Year of death
(where known)
Danna Mohamed Thakurufan of Vaadoo Vaadoo 1582
Kateeb Thakurufan of Fonadoo Fonadoo 1696
Hassan Tajuddine of Hadummati Gan Malé 1727
Naib Hussain Afifuddine of Gan Malé 1746
Chief Justice Mohamed Muhibbuddine Malé 1785
Chief Justice Abdul Hakim Jedda 1707
Chief Justice Mohamed Shamsuddine (Bodu Fandiyaaru Thakurufan) Midu  
Chief Justice Hussain Malé  
Chief Magistrate Ahmed Malé  
Chief Magistrate Ibrahim Midu  
Ali Eduru Thakurufan Malé 1721
Ahmed Haji Eduru Kaleyfan Malé 1747
Mohamed Jamaluddine Naib Tuttu Maaemboodoo 1903
Chief Justice Ibrahim Majduddine (Ibrahim Fandiyaaru Thakurufan) Malé 1870
Chief Justice Moosa Badruddine Midu 1783
Chief Justice Ismail Bahauddine (Ismail Fandiyaaru Takkhan) Malé  
Chief Justice Ali Didi Malé 1902
Don Beyya (also known by the names of Sheikh el-Allama el-Hafed Ibrahim, Aisaabeegedharu Don Beyya and Aisaadharu Kudhu Aboo) Midu 1916
Sheikh el-Haj Ibrahim Midu  
Chief Justice Hussain Salahuddine Colombo 1949
Chief Justice Hussain Afifuddine (Bodufenvalhugey Seedi) Malé 1970


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