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Addu Notables in History

Addu Atoll had been the centre of learning in the Maldives- a sort of university town. As a result, the Atoll had always been rather enlightened and culturally more advanced than the rest of the Maldives. A large section of Addu society always viewed itself as peers of the Malé nobility. This sentiment was reciprocated (not always sincerely) by the nobility in Malé.

The following is a list of notable people of Addu Atoll over the centuries up to the early part of the 20th Century. They are in alphabetical order- that way, family connections are easily seen in some cases

  1. Ahmed Bodu Naibu Thakurufan ge Kuda Kambaafan (Kudaifan)
  2. Aisaabeegadharu Don Beyya
  3. Aisaabeegedharu Don Hussain Thakurufan
  4. Aisaabeegedharu Hassan Didi
  5. Aisaabeegedharu Kaiydhaa Mnikfan
  6. Aisaabeegedharu Kalhu Aboo
  7. Ali Manikfan of Hithadoo (son of Sultan Hassan)
  8. Athiragey Mariyam Fan
  9. Attorney General Hussain Afifuddine
  10. Bandeyri Hassan Manikfan (a poet)
  11. Bandeyri Hussain Manikfan ge Sikka Aminah Didi
  12. Bandeyri Hussain Manikfan son of Bandeyri Hassan Manikfan
  13. Beremaathe Dhaleykaa Fan
  14. Beremaathe Dhaleykaa Fan ge Valu Randhi
  15. Beremaathe Ibrahim Thakurufan
  16. Boadhaa Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan
  17. Boadhaa Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan ge Bodu Don Hussain Thakurufan
  18. Boadhaa Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan ge Gamu Naibu Thakurufan
  19. Boadhaa Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan ge Hulhudhoo Aminah Fan
  20. Boadhaa Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan ge Hulhudhoo Fatimah Fan
  21. Boadhaa Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan ge Hulhudhoo Hawwaa Fan
  22. Boadhaa Bodu Thakurufan ge Gamu Naibu Thakurufan ge Ganduvaru Beefan
  23. Bodu Fandiyaaru (Chief Justice Mohamed Shamsuddine)
  24. Bodu Fandiyaaru ge Ahmed Bodu Naib Thakurufan
  25. Bodu Fandiyaaru ge Bodu Fatima Beefan
  26. Bodu Fandiyaaru ge Bodu Fatima Beefan ge Bodu Thubbee
  27. Bodu Fandiyaaru ge Dhevvadu Haji Ali Thukkala
  28. Bodu Fandiyaaru ge Ibrahim Naib Fadiaiy Thakurufan
  29. Bodu Ranahamaanthi Thakuru
  30. Bodugalugey Bodu Fatima Beefan
  31. Bodugalugey Bodu Fatima Beefan ge Fenfurhy Bodu Didi (Princess Consort of Sultan al-Ghazi Hassan Izzuddine)
  32. Bodugey Ali Thakurufan
  33. Chief Justice of Hassan Tajuddine of Gan
  34. Chief Justice Hussain
  35. Chief Justice Hussain ge Bodu Aysha Fan
  36. Chief Justice Hussain ge Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan
  37. Chief Justice Hussain ge Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan ge Aminah Manikfan
  38. Chief Justice Hussain ge Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan ge Hawwa Manikfan ge Vazir Mohamed Thakurufan
  39. Chief Justice Hussain ge Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan ge Kaiydhaa Manikfan
  40. Chief Justice Hussain ge Zuleykha Fan
  41. Chief Justice Ibrahim Majduddine (Ibrahim Fadiyaaru Thakurufan)
  42. Chief Justice Ibrahim Majduddine ge Hathifurhy Thuttu Maniku
  43. Chief Justice Ibrahim Majduddine ge Mulaku Don Maniku
  44. Chief Justice Ibrahim Majduddine ge Zuleykha Bodufenvalhugey Don Manike
  45. Chief Justice Ismail Bahauddine (Ismail Fandiyaaru Thakhan)
  46. Chief Justice Ismail Bahauddine ge Don Maniku (Fandiyaaru Thakkan Don Maniku)
  47. Chief Justice Mohamed Muhibbuddine Sheikh el-Islam
  48. Chief Justice Moosa Badruddine
  49. Dhigalagedharu Dhilhi Naib Thakurufan
  50. Dhiyari Thakuru ge Sitti Fan ge Galu Bodu Hawwaa Bee
  51. Dhoodeyru
  52. Dhoodeyru Kudhu Bibi
  53. Don Adhella Naibu kaleyge
  54. Don Buboo
  55. Don Bui Naibu Kaleyfan
  56. Don Bui Naibu Kaleyfan ge Chief Justice Mahamoud
  57. Don Dhanaboogey Aminah Raniye
  58. Don Dhanaboogey Aysha Raniye
  59. Don Dorhimeynaa Thakurufan
  60. Don Isa Naibu Kaleyfan
  61. Don Kadheedi Boo
  62. Don Mahamoud Kateeb Kaleyfan
  63. Don Umaru Eduru Kaleyge ge Don Bulhala Kambuleyge
  64. Donseediboo Ran Dhiye
  65. Edhurugey Kaiydhaa Fan
  66. Eduru Mohamed Vathabandeyri Thakurufan
  67. Edurugey Aminah Fan ge Aysha Fan
  68. Edurugey Don Ali Thakurufan
  69. Ehlegey Ibrahim Didi
  70. Ehlegey Naib Tutteedi
  71. Elaadagedharu Don Aysha Kambuleyge
  72. Elhegedharu Aminah Fan
  73. Elhegedharu Hussain Thakurufan
  74. Elhegey Abdulla Didi
  75. Elhegey Fatimah Fan
  76. Elhegey Mohamed Didi
  77. Faadheu Ali Thakurufan
  78. Fanniyari Ismeheli Maniku
  79. Fennaagey Ahmed Maniku
  80. Ganduvaru Ahmed Didi
  81. Ganduvaru Hussain Thakurufan
  82. Ganduvaru Mohamed Naib Thakurufan
  83. Ganduvaru Naib Hassan Didi
  84. Ganduvaru Sitti Fan
  85. Goomule Fatimah Beefan
  86. Goomule Mohamed Thakurufan
  87. Haji Ali Thukkalaa ge Dhevvadhoo Aysha Manikfan
  88. Haji Ali Thukkalaa ge Dhevvadhoo Bodu Manikfan
  89. Haji Ali Thukkalaa ge Mohamed Kateeb Thakurufan
  90. Heynevi Kamanaa
  91. Heynevi Kamanaa ge Don Sitti
  92. Holhi Ahanmaa Thakurufan
  93. Hulhudhoo Sitti Fan
  94. Hulhudoo Kateeb Thakuru
  95. Hulhudoo Maigey Hassan Manikfan
  96. Hulhudoo Maigey Hussain Manikfan
  97. Ibrahim Naib Fadiaiy Thakurufan
  98. Ihalagedharu Kateeb Thakurufan
  99. Isa Naibu Thakurufan
  100. Kalhihaaru Aboo
  101. Kalhihaaru Aboo ge Don Dhanaboo
  102. Kalhihaaru Don Hassan Kaleyge
  103. Kalhihaaru Don kaiydda Aminah Fan ge Aysha Fan
  104. Kalhihaaru Don Kaiydda ge Aminah Fan
  105. Kalhihaaru Don Kaiydda ge Aminah Fan ge Don Didi
  106. Kalhihaaru Don Seedi Kaleyge
  107. Kalhihaaru Don Seedi Kaleyge ge Bodu Don Daleyka
  108. Kalhihaaru Don Yoosuf Kateeb Kaleyge
  109. Kalhihaaru Hawwaa Bee
  110. Kalhu Dorhimeynaa Thakurufan
  111. Kateeb Yoosuf Eduru Thakurufan
  112. Keyolhaaraa ge Bodu Ranahamaanthi Thakuru
  113. Keyolhaaraa ge Dhiyari Thakuru
  114. Keyolhaaraa ge Handheygiri Thakuru
  115. Keyolhaaraa ge Hussain Thakuru ge Kakuni Deo
  116. Keyolhaaraa ge Kuda Ranahamaanthi Thakuru
  117. Koruvalu Dhaleykaa Bee
  118. Koruvalu Dhaleykaa Bee ge Athiree Kamanaa
  119. Koruvalu Dhaleykaa Bee ge Hassan Ranahamaanthi Thakurufan
  120. Koruvalu Dhaleykaa Bee ge Ibrahim Dorhimeynaa Thakurufan
  121. Koruvalu Sitti Fan
  122. Kudhu Raniye el-Khateeb Moosa Thakurufan
  123. Kudhu Raniye Hawwaa Fan
  124. Kudhu Raniye Ibrahim Thakkan
  125. Kudhu Raniye Mohamed Vathabandeyri Thakurufan
  126. Kurahaa Don Hussain Thakurufan
  127. Maavaa Randhi Beefan
  128. Maavaa Randhi Beefan ge Aysha Fan
  129. Maavaa Randhi Beefan ge Aysha Fan ge Vazir Mohamed Thakurufan
  130. Madhiri Kolhu Bodu Kasim Thakurufan
  131. Meedhoo Ganduvaru Ali Thakurufan
  132. Meedhoo Ganduvaru Bodu Fuiy Thakurufan
  133. Meedhoo Ganduvaru Don Hussain Thakurufan
  134. Mohamed Sirajeddine Kateeb Thakurufan of Fonadhoo
  135. Moosa Kuda Bandeyri Thakurufan
  136. Odassalugey Don Hawwaa Fan
  137. Randhuvaru Hela Thakurufan
  138. Randhuvaru Kudaibee
  139. Sheikh Ali Didi
  140. Sheikh el-Faqih Moosa Khateeb Thakurufan
  141. Sultan Ali (deposed, exiled and given the rank of Shah Bandar)
  142. Sultan Hassan (deposed, exiled and given the rank of Shah Bandar)
  143. Sultan Mohamed Ghiyathuddine ge Abdulla Faamuladeyri Kilegefan   ge Dorhy Didi
  144. Thiri Kuda Bandeyri Thakurufan
  145. Thoode Dhaleykaa Bee
  146. Thukkamanaa ge Mohamed Thakurufan
  147. Uhuniyari Kudhu Eduru Kaleyge
  148. Vathabandeyri Thakuru
  149. Vathabandeyri Thakuru ge Kalhu Fandiaiy Thakuru

Another 80 names have just been researched and will be added soon


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