Maldives Minicoy Mahl Dhivehi

The following is a lesson from a primary school reader, Maliku Thaanaa ge Dhevana Foiy (pages 3 and 4) published by the federal government of India, in Divehi, one of the many languages of the biggest democracy in the world.


Yo! What's up!

Yo! What's up? I definitely don't know. Where was I? Where am I? Up until just now I was lying all squeezed up like a midget. My hands and feet were messed up. Unable to move. Unable to talk. Unable to hear. Closed off that a way. Close off this way. Blind darkness, with neither a door nor a window.

This is no way to be, holed up for ever. God didn't give me my tiny beak in vain. So I pecked with my beak, pecked with my beak. Taku taku. Tiku tiku. All of a sudden I heard rararaan rees. Like a massive brick roof crumbling down. Like a huge wave breaking. A loud noise.

Yeah! look here! That dark and tiny room of mine is now history. I am now free. I am now in the air and light of the world.