Maldives Minicoy Mahl Dhivehi

Minicoy Maliku     Minicoy Poetry
Shri M. Ali Ismail Umeri
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Lava dance by men of Minicoy
Lava dance by men of Minicoy

MInicoy lass
Minicoy lass

MInicoy Lighthouse

Irwmua clIAWmcsia Ilwa .m Wyirih
Wyirwd WvEgwm ibOl wdin wdin
Wyirwd WvWtihwm Eawdin wdin
Ejcaihuf utWrwf ugnwLoh csoauria
Ejcaibil iTcauC cniaWdcnwdWhiruh
Ejcaevwtwm cawtuDwaurwh egEyinud
Ejcaihejurukif egumWrwaunEC
EmWrwaegiawm ImWrwa egirwd
EmWrwa ufIlukwt eruhWyirwd
EmWrwH umWrwa ctencSwyirwd
EmWrwH wmidin WNcnwdinunirwd
Eyelwk WrWhws egWfwb egiawm
Eyelwk IaWswa egumwkiLukcsum
Eyelwk WlWjua egEgim iridnwa
Eyelwk ImWrwa egumwkitwdctih
ENcnwnubun ugod cnudumwa uLufirwd
ENcnwd evunWburuq eruh wauqwH
ENcnwrukibOl cSwnwzwv WnId
ENcnwrukuniten ctwhEswn wmudnwh

Sarnath Lion Capitol of Asoka
The Late Shri M. Ali Ismail Umeri held the degree of Afsal Ulema from Umerabad. He was a recipient of the Best Teacher Award from the President of India. He was an academic and poet. Shri Umeri was a son of Minicoy and made a notable contribution to his mother tongue known as Mahl in Minicoy and Divehi-Bas in the Maldives.

Dylan Arias Didi of Nelson, New Zealand
A child of Minicoy-Maldive descent


By: Shri M. Ali Ismail Umeri
Composed on 9 September 1966
translated by: Fareesha & Michael O'Shea
in consultation with Majid

Sleep sleep my darling child,
Sleep my lovely child.
In the western sky the sun fades
and from our chores we're freed.
As the world's hue and cry subsides,
our thoughts turn to relaxed asides

A mother shares her child's rest,
a respite from filial requests.
No rest for the child, mother's rest is forbidden.
No sleep for the child, mother's rest is well hidden.

You are the hope of your mother and father,
our walking stick as late years gather.
In this dark house you are aglow
and a comfort in every sorrow.

Child, if you never lie,
My sacrifice will never die.
If you hold religion and homeland dear,
this advice you will forever hear.

Viringili island off Minicoy

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