Minicoy society and culture and MaldivesMaldives Minicoy Mahl Dhivehi

 Minicoy Maliku        Marriage 

Minicoy society does not permit polygamy, like the Giraavaru people of the Maldives who are now extinct. Strict monogamy is enforced. Arranged marriages are not the rule but do occur in some families. Pallisseri athiri (village) is well known for courting and romance.

As in the Maldives, non-arranged marriages are the rule rather than the exception.

The major part of the expenses relating to marraige is born by the bridegroom. Marriage ceremonies are quite simple. A few days before the wedding, the bridegroom's friends go to the bride's house to prepare the nuptial room. Much flirtation between them and the bride's friends take place. When this is over, the bridegroom's friends are noisily chased out of the house and no one escapes a good drenching in water.

The Kateeb of Minicoy officiates at the wedding. The aristocracy and the upper middle classes have the marriage ceremony performed at the bride's house, with the Kateeb in attendance. Lower class weddings take place at the Kateeb's office.

There is no stigma attached to divorce and remarriage.