Minicoy society and culture and MaldivesMaldives Minicoy Mahl Dhivehi

 Minicoy Maliku        Pastimes 

The lava dance is performed by males. The dancers first line up themselves in pairs or singles with drums and start a dance to the beating of the drums. Then they form themselves in a circle as the dance gains momentum. The performers are dressed in red trousers with a white scarf tied around their waist. A smaller scarf of a contrasting colour is worn over this. They wear a form of black and white headgear called bolufeyli. Sometimes they wear a fez cap.

The lava dance is similar to the Maldive bileh dhafi negun.

Bandiyaa jehun is a woman's dance. Women perform this dance carrying metal waterpots on which they beat to the rhythm of their songs.

Picnicing along the reefs and beaches is another favourite pastime. The southern thundi beach and viringili siland are favourite picnic spots.

Long rowing boat racing is a very popular sport. Thirty two rowers row each boat.


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