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Anti-Semitism and Europhobia

Israel and the Maldives

Jewish Sabbath

MenorahWith the introduction of English medium schooling in Male's government schools in 1961 a need arose for a 2-day weekend in schools. Friday was the traditional day of rest in the Maldives and the additional day was meant for extracurricular activities. Saturday was chosen for this purpose. From then on until 1983 Friday and Saturday was the school weekend. Businesses and the government continued to observe only Friday as the day of rest.

In the early 1980s several "reforms" were introduced.

One of the most ridiculous "reforms" was to change the academic weekend from Friday and Saturday to Thursday and Friday because Friday and Saturday was the Israeli weekend.

Over a decade later, when a 2-day weekend was given to government employees, globalisation had made it necessary to revert back to Friday and Saturday. The weekend on Thursday and Friday would have meant that the Maldives would be in touch with the civilised world only 3 days in the week.

The Maldive regime swallowed its pride and risked the wrath of brotherly Arabs to rest on the same days as the "Zionist invading oppressor" Jews.

Offensive calligraphy

Here on the left was the crest adopted in 1970 for a prominent Maldive state-run English-medium boys' school in Malé, called Majeediya School.

Originally there was a squiggly calligraphic brush stroke across the middle of the letter M in the crest. That was part of the Gothic-style font face. The crest had been widely in use as a blazer-badge since 1972. In 1983 it was suddenly determined that the letter M in the crest was a Western conspiracy and that the offending brush stroke was in fact a concealed crucifix. The mullahs issued a fetwah to say that the letter M was part of a grand design to Christianise the Maldives. Orders were promptly issued to remove the brush stroke immediately. The crest now looks like what is shown here on the right.

Thanks to Allah, Islam is now more secure because of a missing brush stroke!

Southern CrossOne has to wonder what the fate would be of the letter X and the Thaana (Maldive script) letter raa, when they are discovered lurking inside the closet.

The constellation depicted in the New Zealand and Australian flags is called the Southern Cross (Dhekunu Kaali in Maldivian, which literally means southern cross). It is hoped that orders won't be suddenly given by the Maldive regime to rearrange the heavens.

No crucifix was discovered in the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George awarded by Her Majesty the Queen to a prominent individual in the Maldive regime.

Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George
Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George

Divehi translation of Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (G.C.M.G.)

The Pontiff censored

Pope John Paul IIIt was quite common to see the picture of the Roman Catholic Primate in the Maldive media since newspapers began publishing pictures in the early 1960s. An unwritten protocol was established in the mid-1980s by order of the Maldive regime, banning any illustration of the Supreme Pontiff in case Maldivians are attracted to him

Pope John Paul II shown here is not exactly the epitome of an everyday sex symbol.

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