The first Maldive republic- a who's who


14 January 2008

The first Maldive republic came into being on 1 January 1953 and lasted until 7 March 1954, when the monarchy was restored. The following were important political and judicial positions in the republic and the names of the people who held those positions.

President of the Republic Al-Amir Mohamed Amin Didi
(deposed and incarcerated in Dhoonidu. He attempted to comeback in a midnight coup, was badly beaten up by a mob and subsequently convicted of high treason before the end of the first republic. He was sentenced to be flogged and imprisoned for life, with his legs fetterd in irons. He died of injuries sustained by the lynching, before he could be flogged)
Vice President of the Republic Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Didi (he engineered the coup that deposed the president of the republic and assumed the position of acting president of the republic. He was deposed and exiled to Colombo before the monarchy was restored. He died in exile in the early 1980s)
Ministers in cabinet in their order of precedence
Prime Minister; Minister of the Treasury; Minister of External Affairs; Minister of the Interior; Minister of Public Safety and Minister of Health Al-Amir Mohamed Amin Didi
(deposed before the end of the first republic)
Deputy Prime Minister; Minister of the Capital and Minister of Agriculture Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Didi
Minister of Trusts Sheikh Ibrahim Rushdy
Minister of Public Works Annabeel Abdul Wahhab
Minister of Communications Annabeel Hassan Ali Didi
Minister of Trade Mr Kudadhaharaagey Ibrahim Didi
Ministers outside cabinet
Attorney General Mr Ahmed Kamil Didi
Representative Plenipotentiary to Her Britannic Majesty’s Government, resident in Colombo Mr Ahmed Hilmy Didi
Senate (upper house)
Elected by the House of Representatives
  Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Didi
  Annabeela Fathmath Ibrahim Didi
  Annabeela Rugiyya Tuttudon Goma
  Sheikh Ibrahim Rushdy
  Annabeel Ismail Mohamed Didi
  Annabeel Ahmed Ali Didi
  Mr Hilihilaagey Mohamed Didi
  Mr Gasdhorhugey Hassan Didi
  Mr Koligey Umar Maniku
Appointed by the President of the Republic
  Mr Mohamed Naseer Maniku
  Al-Vazir Ahmed Famuladeyri Thakurufan
  Annabeel Hussain Habeeb
  Mr Zakariah Hassan Kaleyfan
  Mr Mohamed Zaki
  Mr Kadhi Hussain Kaleyfan
  Mr Faamudheyrigey Tuttu Didi
  Annabeela Farida Izzuddine
  Miss Hajara Hassan Maniku
House of Representatives (lower house)
Elected from Henveyru
  Annabeela Fathmath Saeed (President of the Republic's senior wife)
  Mr Hassan Ranahamaanthi Kaleyfan
Elected from Maafannu
  Annabeel Ibrahim Farid Didi
  Mr Bilal Tuttu Maniku
Elected from Galolhu
  Annabeel Hassan Ali Didi
  Mr Bucha Hassan Kaleyfanu
Elected from Machangolhi
  Miss Malin Fathuma Fulu
  Mr Bandhu Mohamed Kaleyfanu
Elected from Haa Atoll
  Annabeela Aminath Hussain
  Mr Kudadhaharaagey Ibrahim Didi
  Mr Maarandu Mudin Kaleyfan
  Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Didi
Elected from Rhaviyani Atoll
  Mr Kuda Ibrahim Maniku
  Mr Futhu Ali Fuluge Tuttu
Elected from Noonu Atoll
  Miss Mas-odi Tuttu Kamana
  Mr N. T. Hassan Didi
Elected from Raa Atoll
  Annabeel Abdul Wahhab
  Mr Ungulu Moosa Kaleyfan
Elected from Baa Atoll
  Annabeel Hassan Zareer
  Mr Yoosubuge Hassan
Elected from Lhaviyani Atoll
  Sheikh Malim Moosa Maafahaiy Kaleyfan
  Mr Maizan Mohamed Maniku
Elected from Kaafu Atoll
  Miss Ameena Hussain Tuttudon Sitti
  Mr Mohamed Zahir Naseer
Elected from Alifu Atoll
  Annabeel Hussain Ali Didi
  Mr Ali Najeeb
Elected from Vaavu Atoll
  Mr Edhuru Dontuttu Didi
  Mr Himithy Ali Maniku
Elected from Meemu Atoll
  Mr Fihaaragey Dontuttu
  Mr Adnan Hussain
Elected from Faafu Atoll
  Mr Abdul Razzak Abdul Wahhab
  Mr Feeboa Mohamed Maniku
Elected from Dhaalu Atoll
  Miss Fulla Hawwa Fulu
  Mr Don Hussain Kudatuttu
Elected from Thaa Atoll
  Mr Hilihilaagey Moosa Didi
  Mr Raddebaigey Mohamed Zahir
Elected from Laamu Atoll
  Mr Ibrahim Haleem Medu Seedi
  Mr Fihaaragey Mohamed Maniku
Elected from Gaafu Atoll
  Annabeela Aminath Mohamed Didi
  Miss Khadija Ibrahim Didi
  Mr Adam Naseer Maniku
  Mr Maabandeyri Ahmed Maniku
Elected from Nyaviyani Atoll
  (Both seats vacant)
Elected from Seenu Atoll
  (Both seats vacant)
Elected from the Business Community
  Mr Kerafa Mohamed Kaleyfan
Ruling political party
  Peoples’ Progressive Party (RMP) Rayyitunge Muthagaddim Paatee
  Party established: 19 October 1950
  Membership as of 1 January 1953: 1871 women and 2870 men
Party President
  Al-Amir Mohamed Amin Didi
Chief Vice President
  Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Didi
Second Vice President
  Mr Ahmed Hilmy Didi
Honourary Vice Presidents
  Annabeela Aminath Hussain
  Annabeela Zubeida Mohamed Didi (the Party President’s junior wife)
  Mr Ahmed Kamil Didi
  Sheikh Malin Moosa Maafahaiy Kaleyfan
  Mr Adam Naseer Maniku
Party Secretaries
  Annabeel Hassan Ali Didi
  Mr Ibrahim Shihab
  Mr Kudadhaharaagey Ibrahim Didi
Publicity Secretary
  Mr N.T. Hassan Didi
Consultative Committee
  Annabeela Fathmath Ibrahim Didi
  Annabeela Fathmath Saeed (Party President’s senior wife)
  Miss Aminath Faiza
  Annabeel Abdul Wahhab
  Mr Adam Naseer Maniku
  Mr Ahmed Hilmy Didi
  Mr Bandhu Mohamed Kaleyfan
  Mr Bucha Hassan Kaleyfan
  Mr Kerafa Mohamed Kaleyfan
  Mr Kateeb Don Kaleyfan
  Mr Maarandu Mudin Kaleyfan
  Mr Feeali Kateeb Kaleyfan
  Mr Havaru-Thinadu Abdulla Kateeb Manikfan
  Mr Bilal Tuttu Maniku
  Mr Maizan Mohamed Maniku
  Mr Tutteedi Don Maniku
The Judiciary
  Chief Justice Abdulla Jalaluddine
  Justice Budufenvalugey Seedi
  Justice Abdul Gayoom (would anyone hazard a guess as to who this is?)
  Justice Bodugalu Tuttu Maniku
  Justice Malin Mohamed Didi
  Justice Malingey Medu Seedi