The seven danger signs of Islamic militancy



25 October 2005

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Some practical steps to preserve peace and harmony in the Maldives

Guantanamo Bay terrorists

Of the countries whose nationals were represented among the suspected terrorists detained at the United States facility at Guantanamo Bay, the Maldives was the top non-Arab country per capita.

Suspected terrorists per million
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
United States
A figure of 0.0 indicates negligibility

On several occasions we have been denouncing the growth of Islamic militancy in the Maldives from this website. Now we think it is important to provide responsible Maldivians with some practical steps that they can take in order to keep our country safe and free from the curse of Islamic militants.

Last month the Islamic terrorists struck again in Bali. They killed innocent tourists and bystanders just when the people in Bali thought that tourism had finally recovered. Now all those whose livelihood depends on the tourist industry face an uncertain future there. Let no one think that this does not affect us, for at any time Islamic terror could strike here in the Maldives. We have got the militants already in our country and the tourists are visiting our many beautiful resorts, unaware of the extreme amount of Islamic militancy in our society.

The problem of the Islamic militants is that they are impossible to control. They hide behind a respectable mask, but have no respect for the law and order that should rule in the Maldives. They don’t mind that lives are lost or that businesses are destroyed. We Maldivians, as peace loving people, should be aware of how terrorism begins and how it develops, for the militants living among us in our society are already busy plotting.

Certain Maldive families have sent their children to schools trusting that they would be educated in the Islamic religion. For our elders this meant that they would receive an education with a solid moral foundation. This was how it was traditionally in our country, when our parents and grandparents could trust their religious teachers. But now we are in evil times and teachers train children in fanaticism and bigotry in the Islamic schools. Also, when Maldivians get scholarships to study in Pakistan, Egypt and other Islamic countries, the families usually don’t know what is happening to their sons. In this way some may end up as terrorists secretly plotting some violent attack in order to kill as many people as possible.

Maldive terror suspect released from Guantanamo Bay

This is certainly not what their parents wanted. No Maldivian would want to send his child to a school and then have him end up with a terrorist. So, in order to root out this evil from our society before it strikes, it is important that every responsible Maldivian knows how to read the signs of Islamic militancy. There is great misunderstanding about what is best for our society. Militants have had a free hand in our country, as teachers of Islam, religious preachers or other such jobs promoted by the government, so now some persons reading this may be confused

What follows are the signs by which any Maldivian can discern who is propagating seeds of terror. Some of them will be quite shocking, because most of us have been so long in contact with militant ideals that we tend to regard them as normal. But it is guaranteed that the effect of those teachings is evil because it undermines the principle of the rule of law that is the foundation of any civilized society, so let there be no doubt that they have to be cut by the root.

Maldive terrorists with field experience

According to a Maldive military intelligence official who contacted this web site, there are already several Maldive nationals who have considerable active terrorist field-experience. They have been part of clandestine operations within hot spots like the Russian regions of Chechnya and Ingushetia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Pakistani occupied region of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Many of them are graduates of the Pakistani medrassa, the Jamia Salafiya Islamiya. Maldive students who are passionately sympathetic to terrorist causes are also in medrassas such as the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, Kampus Gombak in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Such students are at risk of joining up with terrorist organisations.

The seven danger signs of Islamic militancy
  1. Encouragement of the veneration and admiration of ‘martyrs’ (shaheed) and Islamic war heroes (ghazi). This category includes the apology of all forms of terrorism and militant violence.
  2. Promotion of Anti-Semitism. Hatred against Israel was minimal before in the Maldives. It began to be promoted by our government since the creation of the Quds Fund, and now it is widespread in our society.
  3. Sponsorship of global Muslim causes, including the perception of Muslims as victims across the world. This attitude leads to the active support of violent insurgency and terrorist movements.
  4. Reluctance to engage in an open discussion in order to assess the responsibility of Islam in the dynamic that generates most of the terrorism world-wide. Many people look the other way when Muslim terrorists kill and destroy and pretend that it has nothing to do with Islam.
  5. Trivialization of the causes of Islamic terrorism by pointing out that other religions also have their own fundamentalists. Such a stance keeps the focus away from the crimes and violence perpetrated by militant terrorists by resorting to outright lies and deception. The fact that someone else also does wrong is no excuse for one’s own wrongdoing in any civilized society.
  6. Demonizing of Western cultural values. This item includes the promotion of systematic anti-Americanism in our society, which puts into jeopardy the peaceful tourists visiting our country by spreading among Maldivians the idea that all Westerners are enemies.
  7. Promotion of the veil (hijab or burugaa) among women. The veil has never been required in our traditional culture, and more importantly, it is not the innocuous activity militant Muslims would want everyone to believe, but a powerful symbol of active Islamic militancy.

Sahih Bukhari 4:52:220: "Allah's Apostle said, "I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror..."Please remember well all these points. If you hear or see any of these danger signs in your mosque, in the school of your children or in your neighborhood, report the person or group of persons immediately. Do not speak with any suspects and call the authorities right away. Do not give up if you cannot get a reaction from the authorities, show your outrage and your concern and inform everyone in the community about these danger signs and their effects, including the youth and the children.

Our goal is to encourage everyone in the Maldive community to denounce terror and to promote personal responsibility in order to never allow our island nation to be a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists. We all should be aware of the dangers that can afflict our community and how to effectively fight them so that we will be able to give our children a brighter future.



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