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Dhiraagu official writes following our condemnation of the London bombings

The following letter to the Editor was received from someone who appears to be an employee of Dhivehi Raajeeyge Gulhun Private Limited (Dhiraagu), the Maldive subsidiary of the British telecommunications firm Cable & Wireless PLC. He used his company account to send the email.

It is deplorable if a subsidiary of a British firm would allow employees to use company resources to empathise with the bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists who caused mayhem in the capital city of Great Britain.

18 July 2005


It is rather disturbing to see that you have consistently spread anti Islamic sentiment using your web site. In the free society of present day, only a few people like yourself and Salman Rushdy (incidentally both of you have Arabic names) have tried so hard to disregard the faith and belief of so many people of the world. Yet surprisingly enough you have advocated equality, decency, freedom and rights of people. Why has Islam been the exception all the time and every time? Buddhism doesn’t come even close to Islam in terms of the believer base. So don’t you think you are giving the impression of being biased, very undemocratic (like the homosexual kings of your ancestry) and trying to influence others to believe the way you do? Have you not heard the speech given by Tony Blair after the London bomb attack? If you haven’t so far, better do it sooner rather than later so you could learn how to be a gentleman without showing the cannibalistic instincts you have against Islam and the billions of its believers.

Ibrahim Saeed
Republic of Maldives
NID A-059618


The subject line of this email read "Enemy of Islamic Nation"

The site editor replies:

19 July 2005

Dear Ibrahim Saeed,

British subsidiary firm's employee writes back:

Ibrahim Saeed did not reply to this email but on 20 September 2005, wrote and asked that his email be removed from the site.

In his email he said that he was "receiving occassional e-mails regarding the subject which I don't particularly welcome." and that he was receiving quite a number of requests to be added as an Internet chat contact.

He asked the editor of this web site to contact him if there is anything to be clarified as to the content and motive of his original comments. If he reads the reply to him on this page he will find that he was asked to clarify certain things. Perhaps he may start by addressing those.

Ibrahim Saeed appears to have written his original email as a result of this web site's strong condemnation of the Islamic terrorist attacks on London, England. He must join this web site in condemning that barbaric attack and other similar attacks on civilisation. As an employee of a subsidiary of the British firm Cable & Wireless PLC who wrote to this web site on his employer's email ID, this would be entirely appropriate.

He should also condemn his government's on-going insults on the British people such as the effective confiscation of tonnes of tsunami aid given to the people of the Maldives, on the grounds that the aid was a trick to convert the Maldives to Christianity.

On 25 September Saeed wrote: "I am with you and the rest of the world including all Muslims in condemning terrorism. Islam doesn't support or encourage terrorism but it forbids all kinds of terrorism."

It all depends on what he defines terrorism as. Interestingly Saeed still carefully avoids condemning the Islamic terror attacks on London, a city that is within what is known as Dar el-Harb, the Abode of War. It is the solemn obligation of every Muslim to wage Jihad until infidels in the Dar el-Harb become Muslims or are humiliated and reduced into the status of dhimmah (conquered fourth class humans -after Muslim men, women and slaves- paying tribute to the Caliphate). Islam condemns to death all infidels who do not submit.

It will be interesting to see if Saeed classes an act of Jihad, such as the attacks on London, as an act of terrorism. Will he be more comfortable with the following point of view?

I’m not too sure what you mean by anti-Islamic sentiment. What is in the web site is totally legal. If it has contravened any law please let me know which law it is and I shall endeavour to address the issue.

There is a whole raft of information in the site and the site has been up on the Worldwide Web for the past six years. As I have indicated, there are certain articles that are not written by me. These would show either a legal name of the author or a pseudonym. You have not indicated which article or specific issues have inspired you to write to me. Unless you are specific, I am unable to give you a definitive response to what you have written.

Indeed I have condemned the terrorist attack on the United Kingdom, as have many other people around the world. It would have been distasteful not to. I have also referred to the extremist elements in British society that have perpetrated that horrendous crime. Like others, I found out the persuasion of the terrorists from the public news media. It is common knowledge and I have not added anything new. You have asked me to refer to Prime Minister Blair’s speech. Mr. Blair did use the phrase, “the evil ideology that leads to terrorism”.

I am not sure why you have referred to Buddhism. I do not see the relevance. As far as I am aware no Buddhist was involved in the London tragedy- not even a victim. You have also written “Buddhism doesn’t come even close to Islam in terms of the believer base”. In logic, this type of statement comes under the definition of “argumentum ad numerum” That is to say that something is true if a lot of people believe in it. Argumentum ad numerum is a logical fallacy.

The fact that the kings who were my ancestors were undemocratic has nothing to do with their alleged sexuality. Most of the world was undemocratic (as it still is) in their time and they did not claim or pretend to be democratic. As to their sexuality, I am not sure if any of my ancestors were homosexual. If you have evidence to the contrary, please let me have it. Given the fact that they have produced a lineage, and you yourself concede that I am their descendant, some of them might have been, if anything, bisexual if not heterosexual. Homosexuals loathe heterosexual cohabitation and usually do not produce descendants. Scientific research shows that 10% of mankind, irrespective of ethnicity or social class, exhibit either homosexual or bisexual tendencies. Given this statistic, it is likely that some of your ancestors were also bisexual. If you have evidence to the contrary, please let me have that too. Have you heard of the adage: “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”?

By the way, Salman Rushdie has a part-Arabic name. Rushdie is Arabic but Salman is Persian (Farsi). Salman Rushdie’s family was from India, a country that was brutally conquered and colonized by Arabs and Arabised Persians, Turks and Mongols, who all enforced the Arab culture over many centuries. That is why many Indians still have Arabic names. Indeed, India was conquered and ruled more recently by European powers, most notably the British. Yet there are very few Indians with English, Portuguese or French names. You will be aware that the Portuguese left India in the 1960s, the French in the 1950s and the British in the 1940s. The Arab-Persian-Mongol (Mughal) colonialists were subdued early in the 18th century and finally defeated in 1856. There is no doubt that the damage done to the highly advanced civilization of India by Arabs and Arab proxies is more profound and longer lasting than the combined downside of European colonization.

And yes, my name is Arabic too. Traditionally my family members had Divehi names, including my eldest 3 siblings. Under pressure from the increasingly powerful mullahs of the time, the family was forced to abandon their Divehi names and adopt Arabic names in the 1930s. As I am too young, unfortunately I was never given a Divehi name. That was how I ended up with a colonialist name. I have not carried this colonialist insult into my posterity. I have given my son three names, the middle and the last being Divehi. His first name is a common name in New Zealand. It is an old tradition to give a child a name of the country in which he or she is born. When I was very young, our doctor in Malé was from Poland. He and his wife had a daughter born in Malé. They called her Donmanike.

Mr Saeed, let us unite in celebrating the Brotherhood of Man and condemn all attacks on civilization!

With best wishes

The following is the text of this web site's condemnation of the barbaric attacks on London by bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists. This was what drew the reaction from the employee of the British subsidiary firm.

Regent's Park Mosque, London. The tolerant people of Great Britain allow freedom of thought. This is reciprocated with bombs.
London explosions: This web site strongly condemns the explosions in London that commenced at 8:51 am on Thursday, July 7th. We send our condolences to the people of Great Britain and in particular to those families that are affected by this horrific tragedy. There were seven blasts that hit the metropolitan transport system and they appear to be coordinated. Confirmed reports point to British Mohamedan terrorists of Pakistani origin as the perpetrators. It has long been the aim of British-based Mohamedan extremists to force an Islamic republic over the United Kingdom. The attack on London is an act of barbarism committed by savages intent on destroying civilisation as we know it.

The Maldive president of the republic is reported to have condemned the terror attacks. He did not condemn the perpetrators or their barbaric ideology. As such, the condemnation could be dismissed as mere diplomatic lip-service. The chairman of the only opposition party in the Maldives (MDP) made a mild statement in English, seemingly in a private capacity. The web site of his party remains totally silent on the tragedy.