Maldives Minicoy Mahl Dhivehi
NSS Naval Vessel

Source: HamiltonJet JetBrief and Bandeyri Koshi Archives

JetBrief No. 322 March 2000
Hamilton Jet Model HM422
Application Review

The National Security Service of the Republic of Maldives have taken delivery of a new Hamilton Jet powered landing craft. Twin Model HM422 jets directly driven by MAN diesel engines push the aluminium craft to speeds over 20 knots when fully laden.

Maldives NSS Coast Guard

To be used for transporting troops and vehicles between the various islands in the Republic, the prime requirement of the vessel was the ability to easily beach and pull away again.

With the waterjet intakes flush with the hull bottom there are no vulnerable appendages to impede beaching operations. The Hamilton Jet pump design, with its high resistance to cavitation, allows full power to be applied at low boat speeds, ensuring a powerful astern thrust is available for backing off the beach.

A Hamilton HYRC power assisted follow-up control system is incorporated to provide full 360 thrust vectoring control whether at high speed or low speed manoeuvring. Hydraulic power for the operation of the integral reverse deflectors is supplied by a JHPU hydraulic pump mounted on and driven by each jet. The rugged design and construction of the Hamilton Jet units ensures vulnerable items such as hydraulic hoses are safely located inboard, which helps reduce maintenance requirements.

Brief Specifications
SERVICE Fast Landing Craft
LENGTH 20.9 metres [LOA]
BEAM 5.0 metres
DRAUGHT 0.7 metres (static)
DISPLACEMENT 30 tonnes [fully laden]
SPEED 20 knots
WATERJETS Twin HamiltonJet Model HM422
ENGINES Twin MAN diesels Model D2842 LE 401, each 597kW (800hp) @ 2100rpm
DESIGNER/BUILDER Colombo Dockyard LtdColombo, Sri Lanka
OPERATOR National Security Services Republic of Maldives
HamiltonJet DISTRIBUTOR Consolidated Marine Engineers Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Maldives NSS Coast Guard

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