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Apostasy inquisition continues


"Are you a Muslim?". Since about the end of 2002, these and similar questions have been frequently asked of Majid by an identifiable core of visitors to this site most notably from the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, Kampus Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. There have been similar queries from Great Britain and the University of Otago, here in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Many of those who ask these questions identify themselves as Maldivians and by and large appear to belong to the fundamentalist Islamic sect known as Wahhabism with possible al-Qaeda and Palestinian terrorist sympathies. They also seem to exhibit a strong dislike of the regime in the Maldives.

Ibrahim Ismail ( sent the following questions

  1. Is your wife a Maldivian?
    This has to be the ultimate test of fidelity! To find the answer to this very important question, Mr Ismail only needed to do a quick surf across these pages. Perhaps the Maldives Royal Family web team ought to investigate the possibility of a brail or sign language section.
  2. Do you cook halal meals at home?
    Obviously Mr Ismail is not too familiar with sacred Islamic custom. Men do not cook in good Islamic households.
  3. Have you ever thought that you have not been in control of yourself?

    This question has to be a wilful blasphemy against the omnipotence of Mr Ismail's maker. If Allah is in control of us all, not even a member of the Royal Dynasty of Hilaaly and Huraagey could possibly be in full control of himself?

    At first it seemed that the correspondent is of the type that would sympathise with the inmates of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This heretical question may mean that he is indeed a fan of Comrade Fidel across the border in Havana.

  4. Have you ever been attracted (before your marriage obviously) to someone?

    How else does one decide on a partner to marry? Perhaps Mr Ismail has landed himself with someone to whom he is not attracted and is just testing if others are like that!

    Once a companion of the Prophet Mohamed told him that he was going to get married. The Prophet asked if he had seen her. When the man said no, he said:

    "Idh-hab fandhur ilaihaa fa innahu ahraa an yu'dama bainakum."

    "Go and look at her for it is more likely to engender love between the two of you."

    Mr Ismail simply has to study this and other Hadith to understand how important it is to be attracted to a woman before marriage.

    "Tazawwajoo al-abkaara fa innahunna a'dhabu afwaahan wa antaqu arhaaman wa ardhaa bil-yaseeri."

    "Marry virgins for they have sweeter mouths, more productive wombs and are more pleased with less.".

    Other narrations indicate that an attractive virgin is more likely to be pleased by a man and less likely to be devious and deceiving. Once, when Jaabir married an older and previously married woman, the Prophet said to him:

    "Halaa bikran tulaai'buhaa wa tulaa'ibuka."

    "Why not a virgin? You could have played with her and she with you."


Probaby not a virgin