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Stop the West on the slyThe Maldive media often has a Divehi (Maldive) langauge version of events and opinions and an English language version of the same events and opinions. The English language versions are moderated for the benefit of the West.

The Maldive elite depend on the Western tourist dollar to fund their relatively lavish lifestyles and to gain favours. In the absence of sufficient tourism revenue that finds its way into auditable public accounts, the regime depends on mainly Western economic aid.

There is a huge number of Maldivians from influencial backgrounds studying in the West. Some of them regularly use Western legal loopholes to establish safe havens in countries such as New Zealand, which are seen as "soft touches" in terms immigration laws. Having established their safe havens these people return home because their relatives and mentors are still in power.

In spite of all this, the hatred of the West at all levels is phenomenal. Sympathy for terrorists such as Osama bin Laden and despots such as Saddam Hussain is almost universal. For obvious reasons, such sentiments are carefully concealed.

The following is a translation of an article in the semi-official Haveeru newspaper published in Malé. It advocates imposing sanctions against countries that alegedly practise racial discrimination. It is unlikely that the author counted the Maldives as such a country in spite of its poor record of the way it treats guest workers from neighbouring Southern Asian countries. People from the former United Suvadives Republic (Addu, Huvadu and Fua Mulaku atolls), who are now under the Maldive regime's rule also often complain of discriminatory treatment.


Certain restrictions faced by immigrants

Haveeru 13 August 2002

Several years ago it was very easy to travel to certain countries. There were not many problems obtaining a visa. Visa waivers exist based on certain criteria imposed by countries that receive travellers. In that regard, travellers from populous and poor nations faced restrictions imposed by certain countries. The reason for this is possible social and economic disadvantages that may be experienced by those countries as a result of legal and illegal immigration. Following the September 11th incident of last year, certain Muslim travellers have faced huge restrictions. While it is nearly a year since that incident, those restrictions remain. This is because of discrimination against Muslims.

Certain developed countries have recently imposed several restrictions based on skin colour and ethnicity, according to some sources. Visa criteria are flawed to the extent that people with the same qualifications and employment experience have faced racial discrimination.

As the world tries to eradicate racial discrimination, it is discouraging that some countries continue to practise racial discrimination overtly and covertly at the highest level. This is not in keeping with modern times and this is not acceptable to anyone. Sanctions against countries that act in this way in order to isolate them would perhaps result in these countries learning a lesson.

The following is the original Divehi (Maldive) language text. You may need to download and install a font in your Fonts folder (click here to download). This page is best viewed with Internet Explorer

cawtcswruh iawgumuveretea cSwkwtumuawg

2002 cTcswgoa 13

cSwkwtumuawg caeawb cniruk caekwturwhwa egIm

iawgumubil Wsiv .evekemwk whEswf cSwrwv Ikwmurukurutwd

Wsiv csevwmwn .evea evOn caekwtwlwscawm uDobWm

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.evencnumutoa caekwtuDnwgcnim WrukulUbwg cnumuawg

cnwkurIgwf idwa uDob IdWbWa ,uriaWlwb cnutogea

,cSwncnuhIm Wruk urutwd cnukwtumuawg Wviawfevurutia

eviawfWLwa caekwtcswruh cSwmunwv cSwkwtumuawg caeawb

cnudiawvwgun iaWncnudiawvwg cSwkwmuawg ea ,Iaea .evea

IdWsitugia idwa IaWmitujia utWfwt cnegEa ,cSokwrujih

.evea ItenWdevitwmiruk cSwkwmuawg ea cawtwlwscawm

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ivitwmiruk cawtcswruh iteDob cSwncnuhIm egukwtumuawg

cnWvcswvud Whcaerwhwa urWhim cSwa WsidWh ea idwa .evea

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eguDnwgcnim ELugcneg iawgumunid Wsiv .evea enub

caea cnutog egWfIzwv iaWmIluawt ,Ikwmwk Ehejunwmwh

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cnukwtumuawg caeawb iawgutog cnUn uLWf iaWawguLWf

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idwa .evenUn caemwk Etef csev cSwkwtogcaea cSwnWmwz

cSwtogea .evenUn caemwk enWruk ulUbwg ukwywb csevcaea

irehwkea ,iawLwa uLwvwyif cSwLoked Wkwtumuawg Wruk ulwmwa

.evea egnEncnwk enWdibil caeLwvWlif cnumuruk

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