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Media sanitised for the West: Feedback

President George Bush Jr

FShalomrom: "Ibrahim Hameed"
Sent: Sunday, 15 December 2002 10:06

If George W. Bush could honour and entertain a war criminal like Arial Sharon, calling him "a man of peace", what is there wrong when Maldivian sympathise with Saddam or Bin Laden? (Media sanitised for the West). At least we Maldivians only express sympathy; but the world's only superpower, the advocate of democracy and human rights,the mighty U.S, channels billions of Dollars from its tax payer's money every year to feed a rascal nation that has been committing wide range of crimes and atrocities against the Palestinians.

"......visited your sight...."

There is a traditional Maldive insult called "lolah govun" (calling someone blind). As the author of this site has never had the privilege of seeing Mr Hameed, it is assumed that the latter is invoking the time-honoured Maldive folk tradition.

Alas! God did not promise the Jews a virgin territory.

Mr. Majid. I have number of times visited your sight, and I have found you are quite bitter with the current leadership of Maldives. Well, if you believe the current leadership of Maldives is incompetent, then why don't you (Your Highness) come to Maldives and lead us to "salvation".

There is nothing bitter in recording history

What are you doing in New Zealand? We need intellectuals like you to lead us. If you are a true patriot you should return to Maldives.

After all that was what people like Mahatma and Mandela did for their respective people. But, of course, only if you could do better than the current leadership of this country.

-a mere motal of the tiny and puny Maldives-

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